May 11, 2017

Newport Youth Film Festival

NYFF will be held on the 30th of June.

Submissions close 2nd of June. NO LATE ENTRIES.

For producers of films by people who are aged between 12 – 25.

Category 1: Film produced by person aged between 12 – 17.

Category 2: Film produced by person aged between 18 – 25.

The winners of these two categories will each receive a prize.

Maximum length of short films to be 15 minutes or less including titles and credits

This year, NYFF will be held at the newly renovated Newport Community Hub.

Anyone can come and see the films, but only films made by people aged between 12 – 25 will be shown. The films will be judged on the night by a panel of judges and prizes awarded to the Producer of the winning films or an associate.

There are no rating limits on the films. However, all films will go through a review panel process. The Review Panel reserves the right to disallow any films believed to be too explicit, gratuitous or in extreme bad taste. Warnings will be given before any film that contains harsh, mature or potentially disturbing content.

The submission form must be completed and submitted by the Producer. Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted.
Visit: for all the details. 
The festival is not for profit. It’s run by a group of individuals who love film and want to give people the chance to show their creations to a wider audience and for them to gain some acknowledgement for their work.
May 5, 2017

Competition for Film Makers


ReelOzInd! was established in 2016 to encourage Australians and Indonesians to share their stories. There is no other festival that brings Australian and Indonesian filmmakers together to share their work and stories on the same screen.

Here’s a competition for all you budding film makers with a great prize.

For film makers from 13 – 18 years of age the Youth Film Maker prize is $1500.

Your theme is; WATER

Your film must have been made in the last 12 months.

Your film must be less than 10 minutes long.

Entries must be received by 31st July 2017.

For more information visit the website HERE.


April 19, 2017

Writing Competitions – Win Money!!

Insight Creative writing competition.

Win $500 (Yr 11 & 12) $400 (Yr 10).

Visit for details or ask Library staff.







Mental Health Foundation Australia – Share your story

Win $150 (Yr 10, 11, 12)

Visit the library for details and application form.

February 23, 2017

Fact Check – Prime Minister on Clean Coal

Have you been listening to Prime Minister Turnbull talk about ‘clean coal’ in parliament?

The Climate Council is an independent, crowd funded organisation that exists to provide authoritative climate change information to the Australian public.

Click the image to read the facts on clean coal.

Or watch Prime Minister Turnbull put his case HERE