Flash Fiction 88

Read our first Flash Fiction contribution.

lightning 88

By Anonymous

‘You disgust me’, I thought angrily. What can I do about it anyway?

I stare hard at the face in front me.  Concertinaed forehead, mouth twisted into a grimace with corners turned down, the eyes, ocean blue and pleading, are demanding something of me.

To my horror I see fat, hot tears gathering in the corners of those pleading eyes.

‘Stop it!’ I scream. ‘Don’t think a few tears will get you anywhere.’

I look again into those pleading eyes, revulsion growing.


It can’t be!

It’s me.




Flash Fiction 88

Want some tips on writing flash fiction? For 13 pieces of good advice click HERE.lightning 88

This is tip 1:

1. Take out all unnecessary words. Practice on Twitter. I kid you not, and I speak from experience. Nothing shows you how to whittle down a sentence to the key elements better than Twitter. Pretend you only get one single solitary tweet to get the idea across. Can you do it?

Let’s practice and redo this sentence:

Pretend you only get one single solitary tweet to get the idea across convey your idea.

Pretend you only get one tweet to convey your idea.

Look, I just saved 3 words by editing that sentence. That’s GOLD in flash. It adds up, people!